Contract Administration

At All Hydraulics & Estimating we can also provide you with out of office services, such as Progress Claims, Variations, letters and correspondence as well as product sourcing.

Once you have secured the project we can act as your office and provide contract administration for your project.  This can involve preparing variations and submitting to the head contractor, preparation of monthly progress claims for submission.  Our variations are automatically added to the progress claim so you will not miss claiming them.

We can even look after your RFI (Request for Information) and general correspondence.

We can also source products and pricing from a large range of suppliers who supply direct to sub contractors.  Items include thermal and acoustic insulation, pumps, concrete products, grates and frames along with pipe and fittings.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to follow Progress Claims and Variations.
  • All on your letter head.
  • Cost effective.

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